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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WILTON COURSE 2 (Royal Icing)

Today is the Final Day for course 2, Chef Nahdzah has brought us a Victorian was so yummy, with strawberry flavoured topping. Really salivating!!

Last piece of Victorian Sandwich
Me and my Basket weave

Classmates with Cynthia and Chef Nahdzah

Me and Chef Nahdzah

My 2nd Course Certificate

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Orange and Chocolate Marble Cupcakes especially for Shida

This cupcakes was ordered by my best friend Shida for her fiance's birthday. At first I was worriezd that I couldn't draw the exact Liverpool logo. With a couple of sketches, I done it with joy.....yeeeehaaa! Thanx Shida for belive in me  that I can do it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WILTON COURSE 1 (Buttercream)

Wilton Rose


1st course completed.....yeay! Thank you Chef Nahdzah...

The Group of Wilton Course 1

MARDI Bakery Course (Bread & Pastry) 4-7 May 2009

First process of making sweet buns from dough to shaping buns according to the recipe.

All the trays are put in the huge oven.

With my Sarawakian friends from MOA Kota Samarahan. Behind me is the huge oven...Besarkan? Can't remember the name of the oven

With Farah from Senawang

My Team with En. Zin

With Pn. Rokiyah The Tutor

Popping out gas from dough

Cream Puffs all the way
Graduation Day


Pastry Class with Chef ALAN OOI