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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Garden Theme Cupcakes

I love my Calla Lily

Handbags and garden hat

Dome casing

Birthdays of 22 January

Happy Birthday Cupcakes ordered by Julie's friend Nadia

Volkswagen Beetle car. A present from me to Tante. It was hard to make because this is my 1st attempt of making car from a cake. I bake a blueberry cake especially for Tante. Fortunately she really appreciate it very much and didn't want to cut it. "Sayaaaang......"

The tyre was an Oreo Cookies

The 2nd cake was a Tiramisu requested by Edry her son and sponsored by Uncle Syed her beloved husband.
Finally she cut the cake after a few persuasion from us.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

WILTON COURSE 3 (Fondant Tiered Cake)

26 December 2009 - Today was our last class for Course 3. We had to prepared a 3 tiered fondant Wedding Cake...I made a chocolate moist layered with strawberry and blueberry filling....yum usual, every time of final day my cake will melt and slanting when it came to the class...maybe it was a very hot day that day...Luckily my mood was ok and the cake can be adjusted but it became a bit topsy turvy....haha
This was the result after a mess repairing the cake

My 3rd certificate from Wilton...alhamdulillah

Wilton Course 3 Group

With my final 3 tiered cake and present box cake

Cupcakes for MJ

This cupcake was for a Newborn Mohd Jami'an at the exchange gift for our family gathering on Awal Muharram ago. The flavour was butter cake with strawberry filling. It was actually a trial taste...but everybody seems to like it.....congratulations to Hanim and Darwish!! You guys have such a handsome boy.
Hanim, Darwish & Mohd Jami'an

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Souvenir from Japan

Souvenir for me from Tokyo Disneyland. Ada rasa gembira, sedih pon ada dapat souvenir ni.....happy coz I get cute new apron, a bit sad coz of all things in Tokyo Disneyland...the only thing u brought from there was an apron and glove and some other kitchen utensils.....huhuhu....but anyways...thank u mama, love u......ingat jugak mama kat anak dia kat Malaysia ni yg suke masuk dapur...hahaha

Cupcakes for KABAZ Annual Dinner

A birthday cupcake for Johan's Boss...actually I was supposed to arrange it "HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY AMIR" tapi terbalik.....mind the spelling error....hehehe

Spongebob cupcakes for birthday girls and boys of the month


Fondant Cake for Adi