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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bazaar Ramadhan Sales

This is the view of 1st week of for the Bazaar as u can see macarons, cupcakes, muffins, Malaysian traditional cake....Kek Batik Milo aka Biskut Marie, Apple Pie, Chicken Pie and Kuih Lapis Daging

Sale at "Sedekad Hari Memperkasakan Wanita" by Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita

Its a sale for my cupcakes at this event....just tumpang2 booth Kak selling cuppies only...the rest was Kak Sue's products...chocolates...

Cupcake from Hantaran Leeya to Iskandar

Thank you Kak Sue for ordering this cupcake from me....this cupcake flavour was an orange poppy seed.....the taste of tangerine and crunch poppy seed.....something different yet nice